¿Qué tanto puede aumentar el coste del barril de petróleo? En los próximos meses puede depender de la temperatura, de acuerdo a los analistas del petróleo y del Bank of América, si las temperaturas en invierno se encuentran muy bajas, la demanda del mismo puede oscilar entre los 1 y 2 millones diarios; los cuales fácilmente podrán llegar e incluso superar los 100 dólares.

It is no secret to anyone that in the current year 2021 the price of gasoline in Spain and around the world has increased considerably. Although its cost decreases for a few weeks, it increases again and… What is it about? It is due to the virus for which we are in a pandemic, Covid-19, this affected the lives of everyone in general, therefore the economies of the countries are included in it, and great powers are also affected.

At the beginning of last August, the costs of black gold decreased notably, something that was not noticed with the price of gasoline, it did not have any decrease. Since February the price has been increasing and the country’s economy is in crisis due to the pandemic and its large number of cases discovered throughout the territory.

The Delta variant has wreaked havoc despite the fact that a large part of the Spanish population is already vaccinated. The population of China is in fear and its economy, which is among the great powers, is slowing down without observing any improvement in the short term, as is the case with the United States and the increase in gasoline reserves.

Fall of Afghanistan.

The current geopolitical tension, which has been due to the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban militias, also affects the rise in crude oil and therefore the price of gasoline. Afghanistan has large and important oil and gas reserves, as do its neighboring countries Pakistan and Iran; It would not cause greater astonishment due to the instability that this situation generates, that generates disunity, where these countries that have always been allies, are separated and their interests that exist in the Gulf, and in oil production, are affected. The economies of Japan, China and European countries depend on the supply of crude from other countries, which is why they are the ones who are most affected.

Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The virus mutates, varies, advances and other symptoms appear, thanks to the increase in cases again, it will be necessary to take preventive measures to avoid more unexpected infections. The restrictions return and therefore all types of mobility must be reduced, and that is why the exporting countries reduce the export of oil to apply the same strategy as at the beginning, by stopping the production of crude, it is expected that there will be fewer infections . For the past week of September 13, the percentage of infections that was calculated by communities, specifically the highest are:

  • Balearic Islands 99.8%.
  • Galicia and Navarra 99.4%.
  • Catalonia 98.4%.
  • Canary Islands 98%.
  • Castilla-La Mancha 97.8%.
  • Basque Country 95.4%.
  • Andalusia 95.3%.
  • Madrid with 90.6%.

High fuel prices.

Fuels in Spain have increased notably, this is mainly due to the revaluation of oil, which has been seen during the last year. The cost of a barrel of Brent is at a cost of 75 dollars, remembering that it is the reference raw material for the countries that make up the European continent

On Monday, September 20, the price of gasoline in Madrid was found at the following costs according to the different gasoline stations.


Precio mínimo

Precio máximo










Comercial Sama





Siomn Grup





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